Walnut Grove Pioneer Village

Welcome 43 New QC Wild Place Explorers!

In mid-June River Action partnered with the Scott County Conservation Board’s summer day camp at Walnut Grove Pioneer Village to introduce more young people to the value of natural places. The group of 43 kids and eight camp counselors visited three QC wild places where they used water testing kits donated by river action to learn about water quality, witnessed naturalist Mark Roberts from the Wapsi Environmental Education Center throw out a cast net, handle a snake, and teach about biodiversity and preservation of natural habitats.

The field trip offered the kids an opportunity to experience nature first hand. Camp counselors Sydney and Allie appreciated the trip because it taught the kids to “respect nature” and allowed them to “explore on their own, but still have structure with the trails.” Perhaps most importantly, the week-long camp dedicated to ecology teaches the kids about the value of natural spaces. The director, Debbie Leistikow stressed the importance of exposing new generations to the environment and stated “even if we influence just one person to make it [environmentalism] a career path and influence the world then we’ve done our job.” Not only is the explorers program designed to teach kids about the value of natural spaces, it is designed to be fun as one camper excitedly informed us that the field trip to the QC Wild Places was “awesome, awesome, awesome trip!” – Olivia.

CLICK HERE to see more photos of the kids in action.