Upper Mississippi Studies Center

429 species found during Biodiversity Day at Green Valley

A total of 429 species – plants, insects, birds, amphibians, mammals, reptiles and worms – were found during Biodiversity Day at Green Valley Nature Preserve, Moline.

River Action and Augustana College’s Upper Mississippi Studies Center joined forces to discover and document all of the living things at the nature preserve August 31. During the event, members of the public spent the day working alongside scientific experts to identify all of the site’s living things.

With nets and clipboards in tow, members of the public found and identified 189 plant, 123 insect, 97 bird, eight mammal, six amphibian, four reptile and even two worm species.

CLICK HERE to download a complete report of the biodiversity day and a listing of all 429 species identified by participants.

CLICK HERE to visit the Green Valley Nature Preserve page with photos, map and detailed information about the preserve.